Do Stocks Pay You Monthly?

Here’s the thing, it is true that dividend stocks are really useful if you are keen to generate passive income.

The thing is, you will find that a lot of dividend stocks make payments every quarter – a few will actually pay investors on a monthly basis.

Do Stocks Pay You Monthly?

In fact this is especially ideal for investors who are wanting a regular income – after all this will be super helpful in covering any kinds of recurring costs.

Here, we will talk through some of the best investment options for you if you are looking for stocks that pay you on a monthly basis.

Why Should You Invest In Stocks?

The stock market is a big place – and if you are new to it then you might be unsure as to what you are meant to go for in terms of investing.

Yeah, we know that investing in stocks can seem really daunting if you are especially new to the market. 

However, it is important to note that investing in stocks and shares is all about learning and also having fun. That’s right, you can get more from the stock market than just money.

Don’t get us wrong, ultimately, investing in stocks and shares is about making money over an extended period of time.

You might have reached a stage in your life where you have saved up enough money that you have a hunch that you should invest it somewhere.

You might be new to the stock market, or you might be keen to get back into investing – but either way you can certainly join.

You will want to make investments in order to grow your money – this is usually the core reason as to why individuals will join the stock market.

Let’s Talk Pembina Pipeline

So, it is true that Pembina Pipeline has worked hard in order to make sure that its dividend is sustainable amongst the craziness of the energy sector.

It is true that this company really focused on expanding its fee-based business.

They did this by making investments in expansion projects and also by gaining assets which have been supported by long-term contracts.

By doing this, Pembina Pipeline has secured its cash flow situation – but it has also tried really hard to boost its financial profile.

They have worked hard to do this by looking after its credit rating which is investment-grade. In addition to this, they also keep their dividend payout ratio at an especially comfortable level.

Pembina Pipeline has the financial flexibility to be able to expand.

You will be pleased to know that Pembina Pipeline is on relatively solid ground entering this year and for that reason it is a great stock to go for if you are wanting monthly payouts.

We say this because its monthly payout that is 6.6%-yielding has an especially strong standing, and if market conditions happen to improve then Pembina Pipeline will be able to use the extra cash that it generates so that it can give investors a raise.

Let’s Talk Gladstone Land

So, it is true that Gladstone Land has grown its income on a steady basis – and for this reason it is expected to generate a substantial amount of cash after paying its dividend in order to be able to fund its expansion program.

It is important to mention that the company’s own goal that they disclose is to increase its payout in a way which is faster than inflation.

Do Stocks Pay You Monthly?

In addition to this, it is also true that the REIT has been looking for new farmland in the recent months and this is what assists the growth of cash flow.

Not only that, but it assists the growth of the dividend.

The company is working hard to increase and broaden its portfolio through constantly buying new properties.

Here’s the thing, Gladstone Land has an especially great financial profile along with a huge addressable market too – so we have no doubts that Gladstone Land will be able to carry on expanding and upping its cash flow.

Let’s Talk SL Green

Here’s the thing, SL Green has had over a decade of consecutive dividend increases, and this is especially impressive if we take into account how difficult the past few years have been.

SL Green has really worked hard to navigate the difficulties and the tumults of the past few years, and they have done so admirably.

In addition to this, a key feature of SL Green is that they sell assets at especially great prices.

In fact, SL Green really does take advantage of the decreasing interest rates just so that they can refinance a few of their properties.

In fact, this has reacquired the REIT with the cash to pay off debt and also to rebuy stock – and they have even been able to pay a special dividend.

Are You Looking For A Steady Monthly Paycheck?

Here’s the thing, we have outlined these three companies due to the fact that they have an extended history of paying monthly dividends – and all three of these companies have regularly given their investors a raise, so this makes them especially attractive options. 

If you are someone who is seeking passive income options so that you can offset your monthly expenses , then you will definitely want to consider investing in one of these companies.

In Conclusion

Overall, there are some stocks which will pay you monthly – and we know that this can be a much more convenient and practical option for you.

These companies pay out on a monthly basis, and so they would be perfect options for you to consider.

You are not going to want to miss out on the chance to invest in one of these companies which are practically guaranteed to give your income a monthly increase.

Building your own investment portfolio and getting into the stock market can seem especially daunting, especially if you are new to investing.

These companies are practically guaranteed to give your monthly income and increase and this is something that you sure won’t regret.

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